June 26, 2010
Pie.: A kid is not a toy.

I just spent the last 20 minutes arguing with an old best friend because they feel that they should have their kid, but also go to work and get their Nursing degree. And it’ll be okay because they’ll get a babysitter, or their sister will take care of it while they do.

I am all for parents living…

My sister had 3 kids while getting her bachelors in psychology (graduated with honors, too) then on to get her Master’s then her teaching degree.

Those kids were with babysitters a lot. And with my mom. And with me. And with my other sister.

BECAUSE my sister worked her ass off, she has put her family into a better place. She makes more money, they have bigger house, get to go on family vacations, and have sit down family dinners EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

Had she not done what she had to do (even when her children when newborns), she’d still be waiting tables with old men smacking her ass.

AND, my nephew and nieces are STRONG individuals who have learned from their mother how to go out into the world and get what they want, even if it means working hard and having life suck BALLS for a while.

The REAL problem is with parents who think they can run off every night to wine and dine with friends. I see ‘em all over the place and it really breaks my heart.